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From Rob Godfrey <rob.j.godf...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: What Qpid AMQP 1.0 client to use?
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2015 23:02:29 GMT
(Copying and pasting my reply from the JIRA here)

Hi Mark,

As you note, the future direction within Qpid is the qpid-jms-client which
itself is built on top of the proton-j libraries. (Proton itself has
multiple sub-components / APIs which are IMHO a little confusing in their
multitude, and their target audience. People talking about the proton API
may be meaning Messenger, the Engine API or the Reactive API ... or
something else  )

While we are not planning any future feature releases for the
qpid-amqp-1-0-client / qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms, I'm open to releasing
bug-fixes / small enhancements if there is demand... I can certainly see us
doing an 0.32.1, 0.32.2 etc.

In terms of history, the qpid-amqp-1-0-client grew out of prototyping work
that I was doing as part of the evolution of AMQP 1.0 - I'd never really
planned on releasing it to the wider world (and the (lack of) design
testifies to that). As part of proving out AMQP 1.0 we also want to
demonstrate that we could implement JMS on top of AMQP, so I took the
prototyping work I had done and wrapped another library around it to create
the qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms... again, I'd not really imagined releasing or
maintaining this... however in the way of these things there was an obvious
and immediate demand for Java / JMS support for AMQP ... and since I had
this code lying around and people wanted it immediately, I contributed it
to the Apache Qpid project. At the same time, the Qpid project was defining
how it wanted to support AMQP 1.0 development, and the concept there was to
build a small reusable library which could be integrated into many
platforms (not just Qpid) and available in multiple languages (not just
Java). This became Apache Qpid Proton. Since this is where the project sees
the future in terms of AMQP 1.0 support, we also looked to build a JMS
compliant library on top of the Proton underpinnings.

After the 0.32 release we believed that the functionality in the
qpid-jms-client was generally comparable to what was available in the
qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms and as such we decided to guide users to
qpid-jms-client. Releases of the new client are far more frequent than of
the older client, and where functionality is missing, or bugs are
discovered you should see a far quicker turn-around time thanks to the
great work of Robbie and Tim.

I'm not sure if there is a preferred non-JMS Java API... I'll let others
speak to that point.

On 17 December 2015 at 22:59, Mark Soderquist <SoderquistMV@ldschurch.org>

> Over the months I have found at least four Qpid client libraries that
> could be used to implement a Java AMQP 1.0 client. My challenge is knowing
> what I should use. I'm not sure what clients will be supported and some of
> them I have yet to get to work. I will list the libraries by their Maven
> artifact id:
> qpid-jms-client: Found easily on the Qpid web site. I have been able to
> send, but not receive messages.
> proton-j: Looks great. API looks simple. I have never been able to send or
> receive messages.
> qpid-amqp-1-0-client: This is the library I have used for non-JMS
> implementations. I have been able to both send and receive messages. It
> performs well but appears to not be supported after version 0.32.
> qpid-amqp-1-0-client-jms: This is the library I have used for JMS
> implementations. I have been able to both send and receive messages. It
> performs well but appears to not be supported after version 0.32.
> I'm just trying to understand what works today and what direction Qpid
> client development is going. I don't want to be using something that
> doesn't work but I also don't want to use something that is deprecated.
> ---
> Mark Soderquist
> Engineering Manager | Enterprise Integration
> The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
> mark.soderquist@ldschurch.org<mailto:mark.soderquist@ldschurch.org>
> 801-240-9288

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