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From Andreas Welchlin <andr...@welchlin.de>
Subject Re: Qpid JMS - Idle timeout / inactivity handling
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2015 16:00:42 GMT

I have have the same question regarding the Qpid C++ API (version 0.28).

I tried it out and my application was kicked out. So I set the following 

Am 26.10.2015 um 11:38 schrieb Robbie Gemmell:
> On 26 October 2015 at 10:14, Erik Aschenbrenner <easchenb@icubic.de> wrote:
>> Dear Qpid-Users,
>> I'm using the Qpid JMS (0.6.0). The provider of the service my client
>> application connects to has informed me that it has changed it's message
>> plattform from JBoss A-AMQ 6.1 to A-MQ 6.2:
>> /Please note AMQ 6.2 comes with an automatic heartbeat / connectivity
>> monitoring built in [https://issues.jboss.org/browse/ENTMQ-763 ].
>> Connections timing out will result in an  InactivityIOException if no data
>> is received for a given time (defined by wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration).
>> /
>> I currently have configured the Qpid JMS API with "amqp.idleTimeout=-1" to
>> prevent that idle connections are dropped by the client.
>> Do I also need to set "transport.tcpKeepAlive=true" or something else to
>> prevent that the connection will be dropped because of inactivity (by the
>> broker)?
>> Regards,
>> Erik
> You shouldnt hae to change your existing config, though you may want to.
> The amqp.idleTimeout option controls what the client requests of the
> broker in terms of sending heartbeat frames to ensure AMQP traffic
> from the broker to the client occurs in the absence of other usage
> (e.g messages arriving for a consumer), and governs dropping of
> connections where there is no activity for a given time. The changes
> on the broker side added support for actually satisfying such clients
> request, so you could potentially remove that client config now (or
> change it to a different value) if you want.
> The broker change also added support for the broker to request the
> similar behaviour of the client, that it send heartbeat frames to the
> broker within a given time if no other AMQP traffic is occurring on
> the connection, also allowing the broker to drop connections that are
> inactive for a given time. The client will send heartbeats as
> necessary to satisfy the brokers request, you dont need to configure
> anything for this to happen.
> Robbie
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