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From Chuck Rolke <cro...@redhat.com>
Subject AMQP 1.0 Type reference web page
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2015 12:54:36 GMT

Recently I was trying to decode some raw AMQP data frames and needed something simpler than
the AMQP spec but more complete than the proton-c/src/protocol.h file. This reference is it.

It is produced from the AMQP spec xml files. The spec files are mapped roughly as:

 * definitions                   -> constant
 * primitive types and encodings -> primitive
 * restricted types with choices -> enumeration
 * restricted types w/o choices  -> restricted
 * types with descriptors        -> described
 * types sharing 'provides' id   -> provided

There are a bunch of little toggle markers to expand and contract sections. I wanted the initial
page to be clean so that you could navigate easily to a specific section and expand just that
part. Having everything expand from the start is a bit overwhelming.

Once you see what you want, however, you usually need to follow the links to constituent items.
Then when you click the link nothing happens! In order to get all the links to work click
'Table view: expand all'. This wakes up all the hyperlink reference targets so that the links
will work.

This web page is not a substitute for the original spec as it contains none of the doc text.


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