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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [NEED HELP] Qpid benchmark Issues/Questions
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 09:43:55 GMT
On 05/07/2015 06:38 AM, Sivananda Reddys Thummala Abbigari wrote:
> Hi Gordon/Rob,
> Sincere apologizes for the delayed response.
>   Please find my responses:
> @Gordon:
> Q) You don't mention which client/broker you are using. However I think its
> true in most cases that there will be no performance benefit in running the
> producers and consumers in parallel if they share a connection.
> A) I am using Java client/broker. Right, I agree with you, I saw that by
> decreasing number of sessions per connection I saw the increase in response
> times.
> Q) What is it exactly you want to test here? Is having lots of
> sessions/producers/consumers on the same connection an important aspect?
> A) My test case is simple, I create a topic and there are multiple
> publishers/durable subscribers to that topic. My test case doesn't need
> many sessions per connection(I just experimented with many sessions per
> connection).
> @Rob:
> Q) In particular, how big are the messages you are sending?  Are they transient
> or persistent (if the latter then which store are you usin - Derby or BDB
> or a JDBC store)? Are you using transactions, if not which acknowledgement
> mode are you using?
> A) I am sending a serialized object(which contains a string(< 500 chars),
> two timeStamp variables) to the receiver. I am running a single border and
> so didn't use any storage for HA purposes. I am not using transactions. I
> am suing AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode. My test case is very simple.
> Based on the above comments I have a questions here to both of you guys:
> "How many sessions do you normal use per connection, in production?. Also,
> if we have one sessions per connection we would be bound by number of
> TCP/IP connections to the broker at some point(OS would need to maintain
> more file handlers as the number of  connections increase)". Could you
> please suggest how many connections should I be using?. Please advice.

How many subscribers do you expect to have? I would start off with a 
connection per subscriber, and only revisit that if there were some real 

If the subscribers are on the same topic, there isn't really any need to 
have more than one in the same process anyway. Why would you need to 
pull the exact same set of messages off the broker more than once.

If what you want to do is *distribute*  the messages between competing 
consumers, then you want a shared subscription, or a queue bound to the 
exchange with multiple consumers on the queue (to put in pre 1.0 model 
terms). That way each subscription is pulling a different set of 
messages that are processed in parallel for greater overall throughput.

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