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From "Ringel, Rick" <Rick.Rin...@G3TI.NET>
Subject RE: Getting started with messenger
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 14:34:14 GMT

Hi Rafael,

I apologize, but I missed your response until now.  

I kept my initial end-to-end testing focused on throughput, and was successful.  I'll be watching
for new features in 0.9 and beyond, and have left the 'reliability' tests until a future time.

I'm currently using zlib compression in my application layer, but efficiency is limited a
bit by a message-by-message compression.  Perhaps the qpid roadmap could eventually integrate
connection-level compression within proton using the zlib 'sync' feature.

Thanks again for your response, and for the messenger/proton library.


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From: Rafael Schloming [mailto:rhs@alum.mit.edu] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 10:42 AM
To: users@qpid.apache.org
Subject: Re: Getting started with messenger

Hi Rick,

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 4:21 PM, Ringel, Rick <Rick.Ringel@g3ti.net> wrote:

> Hello qpid experts,
> I found your project this week, and it looks very applicable to my 
> design constraints.  I’ve been working to use the messenger library (with Proton)
> version 0.80 to post messages to ActiveMQ.   I’ve started with the sample
> file, send.c, and made some progress.   My overall plan is to use the a
> successful delivery status to determine when I can delete a message 
> from a stream being written to my local disk.
> In my use case, the link between the client and activeMQ is unreliable,
> narrow, and intermittent, which is why the proton engine is so  useful.   I
> am using the tracker delivery status to determine when activeMQ has 
> accepted a message, and I am using the messenger’s window feature to 
> determine when to ‘put’ another message on the queue.  My code works 
> fine when the activeMQ application is running, but when I restart that 
> service, messages never flow again.  Also, I never see delivery status 
> as ‘aborted’, even though the window reports no outbound messages are queued up.
> Is there a document (or sample code) that explains how to ask the 
> proton engine to reconnect, and to report, via the tracker, when 
> outbound messages are aborted due to connection failures?

Unfortunately messenger doesn't yet support reconnect. As for the message status, if I recall
correctly "ABORTED" actually specifically means the message never made it onto the wire. In
the scenario you describe it's possible the messages made it onto the wire before the connection
died, but no disposition was received. In that case the status might still be pending.

> I’ve included my main loop for your reference, but I’m more interested 
> in documentation/samples than detailed instruction.  I’m still on the 
> learning curve.  It just isn’t obvious how to gather error information 
> at the messenger API, or what to do with it once I have it.

We're currently working towards a better set of examples and better documentation for the
API. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot I can point you to at the moment. Are you set on
using version 0.8 or do you have the option to try out some of the new features available
on trunk or in the
0.9 alpha(s)?


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