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From Manuel CISSÉ <cisse.man...@gmail.com>
Subject Issue with request/response pattern / multithread
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 12:12:03 GMT

I'm using the request / response pattern with qpid 0.16 as described in 
the documentation[1]. I'm using timeouts in the fetch calls.

My problem is that if 2 threads are making requests to the server, 
sometimes (maybe every 10 requests) the fetch call of the client waits 
for the timeout (5 seconds in my code) before returning the response.

This problem does not seem to occur when only 1 thread is making requests.

If I create a new session for receiving each response (when 
USE_LOCAL_SESSION is defined in my code), the problem also does not seem 
to happen.

Is this the normal and expected behavior ?

Is it mandatory to create a new session for receiving the response ?

Any answer would be appreciated.

You can find my code here :
client : http://pastebin.com/DXPPy3C6
server : http://pastebin.com/CM87fA8L


Manuel CISSÉ

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