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From Timothy Bish <tabish...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: towards releasing the new AMQP 1.0 JMS client
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2015 13:43:03 GMT
On 02/19/2015 08:01 AM, Robbie Gemmell wrote:
> Any more opinions out there on the name/version of the new client? If
> not, I'll likely proceed to update the version to 0.1.0[-SNAPSHOT],
> leave the module names as qpid-jms-foo, and begin working on setting
> up a Jenkins job to publish snapshots to repository.apache.org later
> today or tomorrow.
> Robbie

I like the idea of just letting the new client supplant the old one 
using the QPid JMS name.  I'm pretty sure no matter what we called it 
there'd be confusion so I think its better to just try and do a good job 
of making things clear on the website and answer the question as they 
come up.  Over time this should all work itself out.

> On 18 February 2015 at 22:39, Steve Huston <shuston@riverace.com> wrote:
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Robbie Gemmell [mailto:robbie.gemmell@gmail.com]
>>> Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 10:41 AM
>>> To: users@qpid.apache.org
>>> Subject: Re: towards releasing the new AMQP 1.0 JMS client
>>> On 18 February 2015 at 14:59, Justin Ross <justin.ross@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 7:33 AM, Robbie Gemmell
>>>> <robbie.gemmell@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> At the moment the version number is 0.1[-SNAPSHOT], to be followed by
>>>>> 0.2 etc until we think there is sufficient maturity to go 1.0
>>>>> (sidenote: not years :P). The initial focus has been on implementing
>>>>> the JMS 1.1 API for now so change will come once we begin
>>>>> implementing the JMS 2.0 API, which could also be when we bump to 2.0
>>>>> for the client itself if we hadn't already for other reasons. I
>>>>> envisage us doing releases more frequently than our existing
>>>>> components have tended to and expect we will do small point releases
>>>>> eventually, so I think it probably makes sense to use 0.1.0 etc from
>>>>> the start (or even
>>>>> 0.0.1 to underscore its the initial release). We could consider
>>>>> adding alpha/beta etc status, however we would then have to contend
>>>>> with the version ordering disparities between e.g Maven and OSGi by
>>>>> crafting some horrible release versions (including the final
>>>>> versions), and I'm not much of a fan of publishing those to central.
>>>> All of this seems fine to me, except perhaps 0.0.1.  That looks very
>>>> strange to me--like a patch update on a 0.0 release--and I think 0.1
>>>> gets the point across well enough.
>>> Point taken. In that case 0.1.0 is what I would propose starting with.
>>> Skipping back and forth between 2 and 3 digits isnt something I want to do,
>>> but I do want to do point releases if appropriate.
>> +1 to that.
>>>>> Next up is the name. The new client has thus far been called simply
>>>>> 'Qpid JMS', with module names qpid-jms-foo, and binary tar
>>>>> apache-qpid-jms[-bin]. We already release two other JMS clients, the
>>>>> original AMQP 0-x one, module named qpid-client, and the older AMQP
>>>>> 1.0 one, module named qpid-amqp-1-0-jms-client. Although the new
>>>>> clients name describes what it is, and the version numbers will
>>>>> differ from the previous clients, do people think this is enough
>>> difference?
>>>>> I think it is still going to be confusing for people no matter what
>>>>> we do here, but should we perhaps give the new client a component
>>>>> name to allow them more easily distinguished, i.e a name of the style
>>>>> Qpid Foo or Qpid FooJMS? If so, any ideas (failing spectacularly over
>>> here)?
>>>> I lean toward letting the new jms impl take the prime naming real estate:
>>>> qpid-jms, as you have it now.  I haven't thought of a good name ("Qpid
>>>> JamSession"? kidding), and since this is really where we want to
>>>> direct users going forward, it deserves the mantle of "Qpid JMS".
>>> Thats why we went with that originally, I think it is an entirely appropriate
>>> name for what it is/will be, and I certainly havent been able to think of
>>> anything that fits as nice. Its just a question of whether its a bit overloaded.
>>> I'm happy to leave it as it is if people think we can manage things going
>>> forward though.
>> I agree with Justin to position the new AMQP 1.0 JMS client as Qpid JMS, even at
the risk of some short term confusion.
>>>> Could we rename the qpid-amqp-1-0-jms-client artifact to include the
>>>> word "prototype"?
>>> I think its a few years late for that hehe. If we were renaming, I'd possibly
>>> with 'legacy' or something to that effect, but I'd quite possibly leave it
>>> unchanged.
>> I think that leaving it as is is fine, and make the distinction on the web site,
aiming to have just the Qpid JMS after a small number of releases.
>>>> On the website, I see the previous AMQP 1.0 jms client as being
>>>> visible but not prominent, and perhaps only available through some extra
>>> navigation.
>>>> The new AMQP 1.0 client, and the 0-10-0-8 client, should be the
>>>> featured offerings (especially the former).
>> +1
>> -Steve
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