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From Chris Whelan <Chris.Whe...@systemsandsoftware.net>
Subject Compiling qpid on aix 6.1 with xlc 13.1.0
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:31:35 GMT

We have abandoned using gcc on aix to compile qpid and have now moved on to our next problem
child, xlc.  Boost compiled successfully, but when we try to compile qpid, an argument mismatch
apparently occurs.  The environment description and details are below.  The associated files
are attached.  If anyone can offer any insight into what is wrong or has any suggestions on
what we should try to resolve this, your assistance will be gratefully accepted.


Chris Whelan

# environment
export CC=/opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/bin/xlc
export CXX=/opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/bin/xlc++
export BOOST_ROOT=/home/dbapi/enquesta_5_0/boost_1_57_0
# for xlC:
export PATH=/opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/bin:$PATH
# for other dependencies built locally
export PATH=/home/dbapi/enquesta_5_0/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Email attachments:
cmakeOutput.txt is the output from running cmake
makeAllOutput.txt is the output from the compile (make all)
vector.t is an IBM source file, /opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/include/vector.t
InlineVector.h is from qpid source, $QPID_HOME/src/qpid/InlineVector.h

The error from makeAllOutput.txt ("make all" command)
/opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/include/vector.t", line 41.55: 1540-0215 (S) The wrong numb
er of arguments has been specified for "qpid::InlineAllocator<std::allocator<qpi
d::Range<qpid::framing::SequenceNumber> >,3>::allocate(size_type)".
"/opt/IBM/xlC/13.1.0/include/vector.t", line 37.6: 1540-0700 (I) The previous me
ssage was produced while processing "std::vector<qpid::Range<qpid::framing::Sequ
enceNumber> >,3> >::reserve(size_type)".
"/home/dbapi/enquesta_5_0/qpid-cpp-0.30/src/qpid/InlineVector.h", line 50.13: 15
40-0700 (I) The previous message was produced while processing "qpid::InlineVect
:framing::SequenceNumber> > >::InlineVector(const allocator_type &)".

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