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From Michael Ivanov <iv...@logit-ag.de>
Subject qpid proton reply handling
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:43:14 GMT

I am new to qpid-proton, can somebody give me some pointers on how to get replies
for the messages when working via qpidd broker? I tried to use msgr-{send/recv}
examples from tests/tools, they seem to work fine when used without broker
(I used primary queue address string amqp://~ and reply queue name "~").
When I use a qpidd broker I use amqp:// to acces primary queue and
I tried both "~" and "~/q1" as reply_to names. In both cases I have seen that
replies were sent to some "amqp://xxxxx......xxxxxx" address (with or without
q1 appended) but it looks like reply messages are lost, send program hangs
forever waiting for reply.

I tried using hardwired reply queue name (setting reply_to to "amqp://")
and this worked, but in this case I have to pre-create reply queue manually
using qpid-config. Is there a way to create temporary (auto-delete) queues
from proton library?

Finally is there any way to read only messages with specified priority from
input queue in proton C?

I am currently using qpid-proton 0.7 with qpidd from qpid-cpp 0.30

Best regards,
 \   / |			           |
 (OvO) |  Mikhail Iwanow                   |
 (^^^) |      Voice:   +7 (911) 223-1300   |
  \^/  |      E-mail:  ivans@logit-ag.de   |
  ^ ^  |                                   |

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