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From Andreas Welchlin <andr...@welchlin.de>
Subject Send a message using C++ which will be a JMS TextMessage
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 13:43:02 GMT
Hi List,

I am sending messages to a JMS Service which runs at a third party.

I use C++ qpid 0.28 with amqp 1.0.

When the message is created it looks like this:

     std::string messageContent("example text");

The third party told me that it comes in as a ByteMessage but it must be 
a TextMessage.

I tried it out using an own java JMS Client (also with qpid 0.28):

             Message amqpMsg = consumer.receive();
             if (amqpMsg instanceof javax.jms.TextMessage)
                 javax.jms.TextMessage txMsg = (javax.jms.TextMessage) 
                 log.info("TxtMsg: " + txMsg.toString());
                 log.info("NO Text Message: " + amqpMsg.toString());

I can also see that the message comes out as a ByteMessage.

I also wrote a test prorgram in java to send a message and the JMS 
client could read it as TextMessage.

Does anyone of you have an idea how I can create a JMS TextMessage using 
a c++ qpid program?

Is it right in from an AMQP perspective that it must be possible to 
create a TextMessage?


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