I have fixed this problem a few minutes ago,  I must start qpidd with --auth no,  although -auto no is default, it does seem not effect, if without —auth no,  type link list  showing that  B->C is not connected.
Thanks, anyway~ 





在 2014年7月15日,下午4:37,Gordon Sim <gsim@redhat.com> 写道:

On 07/15/2014 06:51 AM, zhengxie wrote:

I have some problems about qpid dynamic route. I am using quid 0.28 on
linux 2.6.

The problem is like this:

I want to configure a dynamic route among host A,  B,  C like this :
A<=>B<=>C,  I suppose message sent to A should be received in C,  however,
the result is not,  I can only receive on B.  However,  if I open 3 ports on
one host, each instance on each port,  the result is what I supposed to be.

This is how I configure on one host, my 3 hosts is,, (below is abbreviate)

qpid-route dynamic add 203 230 amq.direct
qpid-route dynamic add 230 203 amq.direct
qpid-route dynamic add 230 165 amq.direct
qpid-route dynamic add 165 230 amq.direct

This is how I test:

qpid-send -b -a amq.direct/key230 --content-string "Hi,key230"
--durable no

qpid-receive -b -a amq.direct/key230 --timeout 200
(no result)

Is there something wrong? I hunger for your answer. Thanks!

This is probably a stupid question, but just to confirm, you are starting qpid-receive before qpid-send right? And allowing a little time for the subscription to propagate?

There routes you set up above are as they should be.

Are there any errors in the broker logs (especially B and C? Can you receive at C if you send to B (instead of A)?

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