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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: REQEST FEEDBACK Re: How to test the performance quid c++ broker
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 17:22:06 GMT
On 25/07/14 17:27, Steve Huston wrote:
> I believe that the person likely to be downloading qpid source is a
> developer. It is likely a developer that does not want to become
> intimately familiar with debugging Qpid - they just want it to work
> without asking questions. But it is a person who may need a sensible stack
> trace, line numbers, etc. to at least post back here if something goes
> amiss. They will, after all, need to be testing their own software that
> uses Qpid and may have occasion to ask things here.
> When things are all debugged and ready to deploy, the user may want to
> rebuild w/o debinfo, but if not, it will still perform very well in the
> field.
> -Steve
I don't agree with the assertion "the person likely to be downloading 
qpid source is a developer " - well perhaps a developer of some 
persuasion, but I certainly don't agree that they are necessarily a 
*qpid* developer.

Packaging for various distros has improved recently, but as with most 
Open Source projects the default mindset is that users download

It'd clearly be lovely if such users ultimately want to join the 
community, but I believe that the majority of people who download our 
software just want to *use* it and I believe that we should be making it 
as simple as possible for them to download/build/use

The only way I'd feel happy defaulting to a build with debug symbols or 
otherwise unstripped is if the build informed the users that this was 
the case. I truly believe that the most common use case for an average 
user is to want to download, build and enjoy and they should have a 
reasonable expectation of a build that is shipable to a mission critical 
operational environment without having to work out some (likely 
undocumented) magic incantation.

It's not just about the performance, accidentally shipping operational 
code with debug symbols is bad practice IMHO.


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