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From Josh Carlson <josh.carl...@kaazing.com>
Subject Connection URI query string parameters - AMQP 1.0 JMS client
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2014 16:39:36 GMT
Due to the lack of documentation, I had to RTFC to figure them out. 
Posting this hear hoping it can help someone else out ... or be used to 
start a doc on it ...

First regarding the remote_host parameter. remote_host is the QPID 
broker virtual host you are connecting to. When you don't specify the 
remote_host the client defaults it to the hostname parameter in the URI. 
So the reason, our initial attempts did not work was because it was 
trying to connect to the virtual host localhost which did not exist. 
When you don't specify the host parameter "amqp://guest:guest@:5672" the 
remote_host is empty and when it is empty the broker defaults it to 
"default". This explains why "amqp://guest:guest@:5672" works but 

The list of available query string parameters available in the AMQP 1.0 
JMS client (as of version .28) is below. There is something I noted 
while going through this that maybe important at some point. The default 
for sync-publish (which can also be set globally by a system prop) 
changed recently (in .27 or .28) from false to true. Some older versions 
of brokers don't support synchronous publishing (activemq for example) 
so ... one might need to set that to false depending on the circumstance.

clientid, JMS client id / AMQP container id
ssl, Set to true to use SSL encryption
remote-host, AMQP remote host (virtual host)
binary-messageid, Use binary (rather than String) message ids
sync-publish, Wait for acknowledge when sending messages
max-sessions, set maximum number of sessions allowed
max-prefetch, set maximum number of messages prefetched on a link



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