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From Andreas Welchlin <andreas.welch...@comyno.com>
Subject QPid 0.28 amqp1.0 - sending map from java to c++ does not work
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:25:55 GMT
Hi List,

I used Hello.java from "qpid-java-amqp-1-0-client-jms-0.28.tar.gz" to 
send an amqp 1.0 message which contains a map to an exchange.

Java Code:
       MapMessage mapmessage = producersession.createMapMessage();
       mapmessage.setBoolean("mybool", true);
       mapmessage.setString("mystring", "hello");
       mapmessage.setLong("mylong", -25L);

This works when I read the message with the java application.

But when I read it with a C++ client (linked qpid 0.28 library) then it 
can read the message and dump it as a text but it fails decoding the map.
The c++ client uses "{protocol:amqp1.0}" when the connection is created.
The c++ client is able to decode map messages from other c++ senders 
without any problems.

Here is the logfile from the API:
In ConnectionContext::get(), current=0x7fa0e00036a0
Received message of 241 bytes:
Recorded delivery 0 -> 0x7fa0e00036a0
acknowledging all 1 messages
Setting disposition for delivery 0 -> 0x7fa0e00036a0
tcp: encoded 39 bytes from 65535
Exception constructed: Not enough data for field table. 
tcp: encoded 42 bytes from 65535
tcp: decoded 42 bytes from 42
[] TcpTransport closing...
[] Socket closed
Driver stopped

Does anyone have an idea what is wrong, here?


Comyno Ltd.
Mainzer Landstrasse 46
60325 Frankfurt


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