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From CLIVE <cl...@ckjltd.co.uk>
Subject Re: messaging API Connection open but Session in error
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2014 08:51:36 GMT

Created JIRA QPID-5824, to capture the addition of a reset() method to 
the qpid::messaging::Session class.

I've not used JIRA before so you might what to check that I have got the 
details correct.

Working on a patch today, hope to attach the code later this afternoon.


On 09/06/2014 20:38, Gordon Sim wrote:
> On 06/09/2014 08:05 PM, CLIVE wrote:
>> Basically, the session is being used by several other senders/receivers,
>> so just being able to reset the session saves a lot of hassle. My patch
>> was to add a resetSessions method on the qpid::messaging::Connection
>> class, which resets any sessions that are in error. I also added a
>> resetSession on the qpid::messaging::Session class. I was unsure whether
>> to add a resetSession method that took a Session name parameter. In the
>> end I decided against it.
> I think a reset() method on the Session would be the clearest. I don't 
> object to having the resetSessions() on a Connection as well.
>> Interestingly as part of this work I looked at the
>> ConnectionImpl::newSession implementation
>> (src/qpid/client/amqp0_10/ConnectionImpl.cpp). I saw that the current
>> implementation of this method just overwrites an existing session with
>> the same name. Not sure that this is quite right as this would infer
>> that any Senders/Receivers associated with the previous Session would
>> get closed and not associated with the newly created named session. I
>> would of expected the newSession implementation to throw an exception if
>> a Session with the same name already existed, but perhaps I am just
>> missing something.
> I agree with you, the current behaviour sounds wrong. Must just have 
> been an oversight.
>> I will also be adding another posting about several issues I have
>> discovered with the qpid::messaging::Sender implementation. I am just
>> writing the boost unit tests so that I can attach the code that
>> exercises the issues. In summary they are
>> - TTL on a message does not get adjusted when stored in the outgoing
>> Sender queue and the queue cannot be emptied due to broker 
>> unavailability.
>> - getUnsettled segmentation error when called with no connection to
>> broker but messages in the Sender outgoing queue (fine with zero size
>> outbound queue).
>> - Session::checkError, can throw NotAttachedException which ultimately
>> extends from qpid::Exception, but I cannot find qpid::Exception in the
>> installation directory. I have qpid::types::Exception and
>> qpid::messaging::Exception.
>> - Inconsistent behavior of Sender when Broker not connected. When
>> sending a message an Exception occurs, as no connection, but messages
>> are still placed in outbound queue up until the Sender is flushed
>> ('window < Capacity/4' , not sure where the 4 comes from). At this point
>> any further sent messages still cause an exception, but messages do not
>> get placed in the outbound queue. Varying the capacity varies when this
>> occurs and so doesn't seem correct.
> Very helpful summary! It would be great to get a JIRA[1] for all of 
> those, thanks for reporting these!
>> Happy to try and submit, not something I have done before with QPID.
>> What is the best way to go about it?
> Create a JIRA[1] and attach a patch to that.
> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/QPID
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