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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Subject Filtering with Queues
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:26:16 GMT
On 06/06/2014 03:11 PM, Chris Wj wrote:
> Yes, competing for messages, like a task queue with multiple workers.
> I want to have N workers. Any worker knows how to process M kinds of
> messages (identified by subject, or queue name). For now, N = M, but I
> foresee that it will not in the future. I want to make sure I can enqueue a
> job with highest priority that will be taken by the next available worker
> for that subject. The subjects wont be changing often. They are categories
> that we can manage over time. Having dynamics subjects would be great, but
> we can manually create a queue for a subject if need be.

Manual configuration is usually the most portable option. However if you 
keep your sender and receiver addresses configurable, then its easy to 

To have a shared queue created (and bound) on-demand, shared by multiple 
receivers and not deleted when there are no receivers, you could use 
something like the following with your receivers:

   'amq.topic/news.world; {link:{name:worldnews, 
x-declare:{auto-delete:False, exclusive:False}}}'

on the sending side you can then send either to amq.topic, setting the 
subject of messages as desired, or if you like you can create a sender 
of a specific subject e.g. amq.topic/news.world and it will set the 
subject for you by default.

Now, when you say 'forward compatible', my one concern is that at 
present the pure python qpid.messaging library is AMQP 0-10 only. That 
pretty much limits it to one of the Qpid brokers.

There is a swig wrapper for the c++ version of that api that is very 
close. We use it for testing as it can speak either 0-10 or 1.0.

Ideally for forward compatibility, you would want something that can 
speak AMQP 1.0. Not because the 0-10 support is going to be removed, but 
because it gives you more options.

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