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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: Subject Filtering with Queues
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 13:17:19 GMT
Re "However, I am not sure whether the selector can select on the 

The spout and drain examples I posted earlier actually do work (using 
qpidd, I've not tried it with the Java Broker to be fair), but those 
were examples using AMQP 0.10

./drain -b localhost -f \
"queue1; {create: receiver, link: {name: test-link, selector: 

as you can see this is specifying a selector testing the qpid.subject 
property equals tim, which in AMQP 0.10 gets set automagically when I do

./spout -b localhost --content "Hello World" "queue1/tim"

Because the subject (in AMQP 0.10) actually gets automagically mapped to 
qpid.subject (essentially an application property) this all does 
actually hang together with AMQP 0.10 using qpidd and qpid::messaging 
without "any handling of that as a special value"

With AMQP 1.0 subject is an "immutable property" not an "application 
property" so uses its own accessor (you of course know this better than 
most :-)) so would need some code in the selector implementation to 
explicitly expose it for matching.

You might well be right that the JavaBroker would reject this as invalid 
as a selector, I've been bitten by my use of hyphens in property names 
being rejected, but the qpid.subject definitely worked for me the last 
time I tried it on qpidd.

Although not part of the JMS selector specification I do actually think 
that being able to use the subject as a pseudo-property for message 
selectors is pretty useful and something that I suspect most people 
might "intuitively" expect to be able to do. I definitely think it'd be 
good to have a consistent mechanism to enable this, as I say I was 
intending to look at it 'cause it ought not to be too hard, but I've 
been distracted on my JavaScript Proton port (though I can *finally* see 
the light at the end of the tunnel on that :-)).


On 06/06/14 13:24, Gordon Sim wrote:
> Clarification:
> Over AMQP 1.0, the c++ qpid::messaging client will set a subject 
> filter on link from the queue. The c++ broker will then treat that 
> much like a message selector, except that it is a match against 
> subject rather than anything more complex. On 0-10 the c++ client is 
> like the python one, and the subject is ignored for a receiver.
> On 06/06/2014 11:48 AM, Fraser Adams wrote:
>> On the subject (pun!!) of "If on the other hand you use an address where
>> the 'node' is a queue, i.e. <queue>/<key>" if that's the behaviour that
>> is actually required (though I'd personally use the exchange/queue
>> approach) I *wonder* if it could be achieved via message selectors.
> You can certainly control the arguments sent in the subscription, and 
> thus specify a selector to use.
> The c++ broker does now support selectors also, however the syntax is 
> as defined for the registered AMQP 1.0 selector-filter (you can use it 
> over 0-10 as well however) which is like the JMS syntax, but with a 
> different convention for naming the special fields. The java broker 
> supports the JMS selector syntax unmodified. The key used in the 
> argument also varies. (This is something that would not be difficult 
> to make more uniform and simpler).
> However, I am not sure whether the selector can select on the 
> subject/routing-key. Looking at the c++ brokers code, I can't see any 
> handling of that as a special value nor can I find anything in the JMS 
> spec.
> Now, the qpid.messaging (and qpid::messaging) clients will set a 
> qpid.subject header on messages they send, with the value being the 
> subject on the message (which will be the subject specified in the 
> sender address by default). So providing the messages were sent by 
> those APIs, you could select on qpid.subject.
> However as Fraser has previously pointed out that is not a valid JMS 
> name, so it may be rejected by the java broker(?) as invalid within a 
> selector.
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