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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Subject Filtering with Queues
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 12:24:12 GMT

Over AMQP 1.0, the c++ qpid::messaging client will set a subject filter 
on link from the queue. The c++ broker will then treat that much like a 
message selector, except that it is a match against subject rather than 
anything more complex. On 0-10 the c++ client is like the python one, 
and the subject is ignored for a receiver.

On 06/06/2014 11:48 AM, Fraser Adams wrote:
> On the subject (pun!!) of "If on the other hand you use an address where
> the 'node' is a queue, i.e. <queue>/<key>" if that's the behaviour that
> is actually required (though I'd personally use the exchange/queue
> approach) I *wonder* if it could be achieved via message selectors.

You can certainly control the arguments sent in the subscription, and 
thus specify a selector to use.

The c++ broker does now support selectors also, however the syntax is as 
defined for the registered AMQP 1.0 selector-filter (you can use it over 
0-10 as well however) which is like the JMS syntax, but with a different 
convention for naming the special fields. The java broker supports the 
JMS selector syntax unmodified. The key used in the argument also 
varies. (This is something that would not be difficult to make more 
uniform and simpler).

However, I am not sure whether the selector can select on the 
subject/routing-key. Looking at the c++ brokers code, I can't see any 
handling of that as a special value nor can I find anything in the JMS spec.

Now, the qpid.messaging (and qpid::messaging) clients will set a 
qpid.subject header on messages they send, with the value being the 
subject on the message (which will be the subject specified in the 
sender address by default). So providing the messages were sent by those 
APIs, you could select on qpid.subject.

However as Fraser has previously pointed out that is not a valid JMS 
name, so it may be rejected by the java broker(?) as invalid within a 

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