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From Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Qpid dependency of proton versions
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 17:00:29 GMT
On Wed, 2014-03-26 at 16:24 +0000, Gordon Sim wrote:
> > Is your concern long term or short term?
> I don't think it is appropriate at this point to break building trunk 
> against existing working versions of proton or to have a 0.28 beta that 
> can only build against proton trunk, especially for what seems to be 
> essentially a cosmetic change (as good as I'm sure that change is).

Yes, but you don't answer the question, is your concern long term or
short term?

> At the very least this required informed discussion. Your announcement 
> of this change had the subject 'Additional options to detect Proton and 
> Qpid' and stated:

I was under the impression that we had discussed this, it appears that
we were talking at cross purposes for which I apologise - still read the
below in the way I already explained. If I wasn't clear enough then I
will try to be clearer in future.

> "Note that the existing pkgconfig files are unchanged, so if you were
> using pkg config to detect proton or qpid you won't be affected."
> In response to my concerns about changing the approach I was using 
> (pkg-config) you stated:
> "Ths pkg config methods are unchanged so there's nothing to report 
> there. I've fixed up the qpid build myself, and so this change has 
> really only added an additional (cross platform) way to detect proton."

> That thread began with your request to extend support to 0.7, albeit 
> with a warning that it was not tested, explicitly stating that it would 
> allow 0.5 or later.

Yes I that was unclear thinking on my part and probably led you to think
that the 0.5 installation would work, whereas I was thinking about the
0.5 API level.

If you feel that the current situation is untenable please raise a
blocking jira and I will work with Justin to resolve the situation.


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