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From Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: How to config c++ broker persistence
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 15:01:53 GMT
On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 12:14 -0700, smartdog wrote:
> I do not see too much documentation (not in README, INSTALL, and runbook)
> about persistence. Google qpid persistence leads to the components site,
> that's why I check it out and try to build. 
> If it is already with the 0.26 release, that is great.
> So I have this in my /etc/qpid/qpidd.conf, assumeing the store.so IS for the
> persistence.
> load-module=/usr/lib/qpid/daemon/store.so

This is really just wrapper code that loads the actual persistence
store. TBH I'm not sure why this code is even a separate module since it
could always be loaded.

> But when qpid starts, it still shows
> [Store] warning Message store plugin: No storage providers available.

This is likely because no store was actually built. You would expect to
see modules called legacystore.so and/or linearstore.so if the actual
persistence modules got built.

> Feel like I still miss some config?

No config is missing, Just the actual built stores I think.

> My goal is simple, start broker, create a queue, dump some messages, shut
> down the broker, start again, the queue and messages are still there.
> I have these libraries installed in order to build rhmessaging/store/, if I
> miss something let me know.
> apt-get install auto-make

Automake is not useful as you cannot use autotools to build qpid
anymore. You must use cmake.

If you can use autotools for some reason then you cannot be building
either trunk or a recent source version of qpid. In that case we will be
talking at cross purposes.

> apt-get install libdb-dev

> apt-get install libtool

As with automake you don't need libtool and the fact you have it makes
me suspicious.

The missing library is libaio. I guess the Debian package is called

BTW You should have got a message from cmake telling you exactly which
libraries were absent if it didn't enable the store build. Fraser put
that code into trunk  a few months ago because the store build
requirements are so finicky.


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