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From "Gao, Jie (Kyrie, HPIT-DS-CDC)" <jie....@hp.com>
Subject Questions of qpid-route usage
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2014 08:16:10 GMT
Hi all,

I am really confused about  this tool.  Hope some kind soul can help to explain the mechanism
to me.

If we want to add a route between 2 brokers, we can use qpid-route route add ip:port ip:port
exchange_type routingkey. Which means:


A is a fake client and B will be the server. B will store all the route information and also
will be waiting for A's data. Inside qpid it uses TCP protocol, so I guess B will be the server
in the lower level(am I right?). In this way, we can add a route without broker A. Which means,
even if we didn't start A, the route would still be added successfully. The problem is: Can
we always do this thing? Ummm...if we let A missing for a very long time (at this time B and
the route will always exist), then we start A again. Does it still works? Also, if we let
the route existed in B, will B being busy(waiting for A's data) all the time?

Another question is when we use -s option in qpid-route. I saw the help document it said:
" Configure the route in the source broker (create a push route)." So does it mean A will
be the server and B will be the fake client here?

-s [ --src-local ]	 Configure the route in the source broker (create a push route).


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