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From Justin Ross <jr...@apache.org>
Subject Qpid website update
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 21:11:16 GMT
Hi, everyone.  I've got a pending website update up for review.


There are a number of changes.  I have summarized them below.

Please take a look and tell me how it works for you.  In particular,
I'd be interested to know how it functions on any mobile devices you

I will be testing the update this week in preparation for committing
it after the 0.26 vote closes.




 - Up in the top right there is now a "hamburger menu".  This is
useful I think in general, but it's particularly important for mobile
devices, where a lot more scrolling is required to reach any
navigation further down the page.  The developer center is now linked
from inside this menu instead of the bottom of the home page.
 - Search is also changed a little: it will pop down without an
additional HTTP request.
 - I moved the information on notification lists to "Notifications"
sections on the issues and source code pages.  The source code page
now holds the "Continuous integration" section as well.


 - The full site is now available in landscape on ~5-inch phones
 - The navigation links at the top progressively disappear to
accommodate smaller and smaller viewports

Visual refresh

 - The site handles overlong tables and preformatted content better,
by using horizontal scrolling when necessary
 - Various minor improvements to the docbook rendering
 - The page now scales to a greater width
 - Avoid awkward column breaks between section headings and content
 - Many other small tweaks

Page load performance

   I used Google's PageSpeed tool to analyze page performance.

 - Defer javascript load until after the page is loaded
 - Defer template image loads
 - Minify output CSS using cssmin (note that this introduces a
dependency on python-cssmin)
 - Where it does not impact above-the-fold layout, defer CSS loading as well
 - Use cache headers that work for older browsers
 - Apply response compression more broadly

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