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From Pavel Moravec <pmora...@redhat.com>
Subject auto-delete in AMQP 1.0
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2014 07:31:16 GMT
Hi all,
there is an ambiguity how to interpret auto-delete x-declare option for a 1.0 producer. Assuming
the producer uses address string like:

"autodel_q;{create:sender, node: {x-declare: {auto-delete: True}}}"

There are two possibilities when the producer disconnects (while there has not been a consumer

A) auto-delete in AMQP 1.0 terminology is understood as delete-if-unused / delete-on-no-links
lifetime policy and the queue / (1.0 node) is deleted.
  - this is the current broker behaviour, mapping 0-10 auto-delete lifetime policy to 1.0

B) auto-delete queue is understand in original AMQP 0-10 terminology as to be deleted after
the last consumer unsubscribes. As no consumer has been subscribed so far, the queue should
not be deleted now.
  - this would preserve 1.0 and 0-10 behaviour compatibility when using the address string

Both options have their advantages and it is hard to say which one is least confusing.

Do you have some preference how the broker should behave here?

Kind regards,

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