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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: Has the Java Broker plugin API changed again?
Date Sun, 23 Feb 2014 17:16:58 GMT
On 23/02/14 16:54, Rob Godfrey wrote:
> [snip]
> and if we can build a nice web front end using your javascript implementation of Proton
> and WebSockets... well, that would be lovely :-)
> -- Rob
> [snip]
Yes indeed, Pavel also mentioned that he's interested in that. I'm 
afraid that it hasn't progressed as quickly as I had intended mainly 
because I'm really trying to get it so that the core proton-c stuff 
compiles nice and cleanly and that needs work done on the emscripten 
network libraries (remember your subprotocol stuff ........). I've done 
the work but for some reason it's taking an age to get merged in I don't 
really know what the issue is. To be honest waiting for that (and the 
lousy weather) has dented my motivation a bit, but hopefully I'll pick 
it up a bit next weekend. The only *real* code needed is *binding* type 
code similar to some of the SWIG stuff so that it looks idiomatically 
like JavaScript instead of having a C syntax (I doubt any JavaScript 
programmer would thank me for that :->)

I'm definitely keen to get it done fairly soon, it'll definitely make 
playing with AMQP 1.0 Management a whole lot more fun than any other 


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