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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: A write up of some AMQP 1.0 Experiments
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 20:35:29 GMT
On 03/02/14 23:31, Robbie Gemmell wrote:
> More of an observation/question for all, than reply to youFraser.... I
> noted the following while I was skimming:
> " These sends resulted in the following messages from drain:
> 1. From Proton Messenger send:
> Message(properties={x-amqp-absolute-expiry-time:0, x-amqp-creation-time:0,
> x-amqp-group-sequence:0, x-amqp-to:amqp://localhost/amq.fanout},
> content='Hello World!')
> 2. From JavaScript Proton send:
> Message(properties={x-amqp-absolute-expiry-time:0, x-amqp-creation-time:0,
> x-amqp-group-sequence:0, x-amqp-to:amqp://localhost:5673/amq.fanout},
> content='Hello World!')
> 3. From qpid::messaging spout:
> Message(properties={spout-id:cf6c9ee4-93e8-42cf-af6b-cfff1632e5e8:0},
> content='Hello World') "
> This suggests that Messenger is encoding the absolute-expiry-time,
> creation-time, and group-sequence fields of the Properties section with the
> value 0 if they arent specified, rather than omitting them (using nulls if
> necessary to allow for later fields, or omitting them entirely if they are
> trailing). I'm assuming the same thing would happen to e.g ttl if a header
> section was required.
> Does that seem accurate, and if so is it something we should look to
> prevent?

So this happens in message.c in
int pn_message_encode(pn_message_t *msg, char *bytes, size_t *size)


   err = pn_data_fill(msg->data, "DL[CzSSSCssttSIS]", PROPERTIES,

so basically it looks like it populates *all* standard PROPERTIES even 
if they aren't *explicitly* set.

I commented that based on what I was seeing it looked like 
qpid::messaging wasn't using Proton's message code 'cause 
qpid::messaging only seems to be sending properties that have been 
explicitly set.

It's probably worth aiming for consistency, but TBH I'm an awful lot 
more concerned that Proton Messenger doesn't seem to have a mechanism 
for setting link configuration and thus I couldn't use it for most of my 
more interesting examples, which was a shame.

Nobody has yet confirmed nor refuted whether this observation is 
correct. I'd like to know for sure and if that stuff isn't supported I'd 
love to know what the intentions are.


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