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From Andrew Stitcher <astitc...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Bindings for Google's Dart language.
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 21:03:05 GMT
> Yes, I noticed the client API was deprecated a bit too late, so I
> decided to finish up what I was doing so at
> least there was something usable out there. Presumably I can do the fix
> up when your 0.26 release hits the main distros.

To be clear, the qpid::messaging/qpid::types APIs have been available
for use for a long time and are probably simpler to use than the older
API. So you don't need to wait, although once 0.26 is widespread you
won't be able to build this any more outside the qpid tree.

As Gordon pointed out amqp 1.0 which is the actual standardised version
of the protocol is only supported by the newer API so it would be much
better for your interop use this API.

> No problem with the submission, it would be nice to see Dart up along
> the other languages on your Qpid site. The licensing is not a problem,
> GPL3 is my current default licence for github, no other reason. Do you
> want to do this 
> now or wait for the fix up?

I'm not exactly sure the process for accepting a code drop like this,
but I think if you change the license then one of the existing commiters
would be able to just take the code and commit it.

Someone else might know better how we would do this.

To my mind having packages available for major platforms is probably
more important than where the code lives though, especially if you carry
on maintaining it, but aren't especially interested in becoming a qpid


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