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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: How to use lifetime policies
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2014 07:27:10 GMT
Hi Davin,
I'm afraid that you've got me stumped now :-( as I say all I've ever 
needed was to have qpid-all.jar on my classpath, so basically the 
environment variables I mentioned yesterday, building the java client 
library stuff then "ant all".

You *did* set up everything that I mentioned yesterday didn't you?

<qpid root>/qpid/tools/src/java/build.xml makes use of the QPID_HOME 
environment variable.

=================================================================== -->
     <!-- Note that this requires the QPID_HOME environment 
variable          -->
     <!-- to be set and it installs the plugin to 
$QPID_HOME/lib/plugins      -->
=================================================================== -->

     <property environment="env"/>
     <property name="qpid.home" location="${env.QPID_HOME}"/>

This is kind of a hangover from before this work got committed to the 
core qpid code base and could probably use relative paths now, but ISTR 
a few core Java thing things need (or at least used to need) QPID_HOME 
so it seemed a useful path.

My current best guess is that you've just set CLASSPATH but haven't set 

If it's not that then I'm really scratching my head, if you've been able 
to get any JMS clients running then it should work - ultimately it's 
just a JMS Client.


On 17/01/14 02:34, Shearer, Davin wrote:
> Hi Frase,
> So still no dice.  What jar file has javax.jms.* (like
> javax.jms.Connection)?  I put qpid-all.jar in my CLASSPATH, failed, then
> explicitly added all the jar files in qpid/src/java/build/lib:
> export CLASSPATH=$(for j in
> /home/davin/external/qpid/src/java/build/lib/*.jar; do echo -n "$j:";done)
> and failed again.
> The java broker I was using was from the latest release archive.  It was
> already built for me.

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