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From Steve Huston <shus...@riverace.com>
Subject RE: Can you please help to clarify my doubts in HA cluster managing
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 17:19:00 GMT
Hi Xiong,

> Thanks a lot Steve and Alan, appreciate your prompt helps.

You're welcome.

> I guess I have not posted my ideas clearly. Let me describe it below for your
> better information.
> After going through the link provided by Alan, I realize that HA is only to
> group two nodes into a cluster for high availability. Clients or Exchanges need
> to connect to virtual IP for message communication. QPID Messaging Bus
> itself is HA, but Clients or Exchanges connect to QPID are not automatically
> HA ready. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

That's basically right, but Exchanges don't connect to Qpid - an Exchange is a AMQP 0-10 artifact
that is managed by Qpid broker. The client connects to the broker and sends messages to an
exchange. As such, the Exchange is part of the HA broker.

> What we are intended to achieve is that we have two physical boxes, one
> box shall have a server instance, for example a billing utility, running as
> primary service provider, another box shall have an identical billing utility
> running which is a hot-backup of the primary one. Messages passed to
> primary instance will be processed as normal, while messages duplicated to
> backup instance will be processed and update its internal status only. Once
> Primary instance or primary box is down, backup instance or box will take
> over. Is there any existing mechanism provided by QPID to achieve this
> purpose to ease our effort?

First, to run an HA cluster that can continue to function when one dies you should have at
least 3 nodes. (That's a clustering issue,  not limited to Qpid).

Assuming you have a cluster that can continue to function when one node dies, one of the passive
brokers will be promoted to primary/active and continue to provide service.

Your client (billing utility) would see the connection to the broker go down. It could then
be re-established when the new broker becomes active. If you are running the client on the
same node as the broker, you will need to design an HA solution for the client as well. You
could take advantage of the clustering facilities for this. I would recommend you study the
RH clustering docs for information on your options.


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