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From Renier Morales <ren...@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
Subject Use of mode:browse and session.acknowledge() in topic exchanges
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 01:54:57 GMT

Trying to understand how mode:browse and session.acknowledge() work in 
relation to one another.

First, when subscribing as a receiver of a topic exchange, does having 
mode:browse in the address options have any effect at all? Since, as I 
understand (or misunderstand), messages are routed to all subscribed 
based on the binding key. If this is the case, then mode:browse does not 
apply in this case, since you can't keep others from getting the message 
in this scenario anyway. True or False?

Assuming the above is true, whether using mode:browse when subscribing 
to a queue or not using it when subscribing to a topic exchange, is it 
necessary to acknowledge a message in these two instances? For instance, 
why would it make sense for the broker to get acknowledged on a message 
by a queue subscriber in browser mode?

Also, why would a topic subscriber acknowledge the server on messages? 
Is this ack status used by the broker to resend the message if the 
client breaks its connection for a bit?



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