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From Flavio Baronti <f.baro...@list-group.com>
Subject Low throughput with thousands of queues
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 11:18:56 GMT

I have an use case where I need to create hundreds of thousands of queues, each one subscribed
to a different topic 
(therefore I have as many topics as queues).
I set up a test with a single producer generating data on a randomly chosen topic, and a receiver
retrieving data from 
the queues (and throwing it away).

I'm using the JMS api, and doing the obvious thing makes the throughput drop dramatically
from 10k msg/sec with a single 
topic/queue (around the top my network adapter can sustain) to 20 msg/sec with 100k topics/queues.
I found out that I can recover performance by using more JMS sessions and connections - e.g.
create 4 connections with 
100 sessions each, and randomly distributing the receiving queues on them.
This however is less than ideal, since with the JMS client a thread is created for each session,
and I definitely don't 
want 400 threads receiving data. The work I have to do is CPU-bound, and I don't want to waste
time in context switching 
when 2/4 threads can suffice.

Why does the throughput drop so badly with many topics/queues? Why adding sessions helps?
Am I overlooking something, or 
doing something wrong?


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