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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Creating a queue and bindings from an address in qpid.messaging / AMQP 1.0
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2013 14:37:04 GMT
On 08/08/2013 02:19 PM, Jakub Scholz wrote:
> One more question to the qpidt ... when I create a durable topic using this
> command:
> qpidt create topic x durable=true exchange=response qpid.max_count=1000
> qpid.max_size=1000000 qpid.policy_type=ring
> It makes the topic durable, but it also adds the durability to the
> properties, although it is ignored with the actual subscription queue
> created for this topic when the receiver connects:
> Object of type:
> org.apache.qpid.broker:topic:_data(6182b36f-9f09-4118-2881-fb69e5355628)
>      Attribute    185
> ======================================================================================================================================================
>      name         x
>      exchangeRef  145
>      durable      True
>      properties   {u'qpid.max_size': u'1000000', u'durable': u'true',
> u'qpid.policy_type': u'ring', u'qpid.max_count': u'1000', u'exchange':
> u'response'}
> Is that excepted behavior or is that a bug?

I can certainly see that it is confusing.  The durability of the topic 
is distinct from the durability of the link (which can be set through 
the durable link property in the address with which the receiver is 

I would say it is a bug in that the durable option should be removed 
from the properties to lessen the confusion.

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