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From "Rothkin, Steve (NY81)" <Steve.Roth...@Honeywell.com>
Subject Queue mirroring: clustering vs. replication
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 12:56:52 GMT
> > Subject: RE: Queue mirroring with message grouping and clustering on
> > Windows
> >
> > > > I'm considering a Qpid.22 implementation under MS Windows for
> > > > message queueing.  In the future we might go to a mixed
> > > > environment with both Windows and Linux computers.
> > > > For fault tolerance, I want the queues to be mirrored across 2 to
> > > > 3 computers which are connected by high speed LAN. Each queue will
> > > > have multiple consumers on different computers (including some NOT
> > > > hosting the queue), so I also need to use the message grouping
> > > > feature to ensure that messages from a single source are not
> > > > processed
> > out of order.

What are the differences between choosing to use clustering to implement the solution vs.
using ha-replication of individual queues in a non-clustered setup?

>From what I've read so far it seems that with clustering my work would be a lot easier
as the broker/resource manager combination would take care of failover while with non-clustered
I'd have to take care of a bunch of things in my code -- designating master, detecting failure
(which might take longer), failover (including finding and connecting to the new master).

On the other hand it seems that without clustering, I could pick different masters for different
queues (instead of having cluster resource manager designate a specific host as master for
all of its queues) which would be one way of spreading the load of handling client connections.
I could also have different operating systems hosting replicas of the same queue (I haven't
found a cluster resource manager that runs on both Windows and Linux).

I'm also wondering about geographic site mirroring and failover. We have 2 sites connected
by a WAN. The same services are available at both locations. Normally a request received at
one location would be processed there (and sending it to the other site for processing would
be more "expensive" as would queue mirroring to the other site). But there might be situations
where one entire site goes down -- if that were to happen it might be good to have the other
site detect and finish processing any in-flight messages from the down site.

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