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From "Rothkin, Steve (NY81)" <Steve.Roth...@Honeywell.com>
Subject RE: Queue mirroring with message grouping and clustering on Windows
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 14:44:15 GMT
> From: Steve Huston [mailto:shuston@riverace.com]
> > I'm considering a Qpid.22 implementation under MS Windows for message
> > queueing.  In the future we might go to a mixed environment with both
> > Windows and Linux computers.
> > For fault tolerance, I want the queues to be mirrored across 2 to 3
> > computers which are connected by high speed LAN. Each queue will have
> > multiple consumers on different computers (including some NOT hosting
> > the queue), so I also need to use the message grouping feature to
> > ensure that messages from a single source are not processed out of order.
> Ok.
> > 1)   Is clustering required to do this (on RabbitMQ it is, but RabbitMQ appears
> > to not support message grouping yet)?
> For mirroring across a set of nodes for FT, yes.
> > 2)   What is required to use clustering on Windows (and is it even available)?
> > So far I've read that Corosync is required for clustering and in
> > another place (a few years old) I read that Corosync isn't ported
> > to/doesn't build on Windows.
> The new HA module in Qpid requires integration with a resource manager; on Linux this
> is rgmanager (corosync is involved to manage the cluster itself, but it's not directly
> involved with Qpid). Currently there is no integration with a resource manager on
> Windows clusters. It's probably not a gigantic amount of work to get it there, but it's
> work that is needed.

If there is a mix of linux and windows computers hosting the queues, do they need to use the
same (or a compatible) resource manager?

As a way of getting around the need for a resource manager on Windows, if I made a cluster
of linux machines (or linux VMs running under Windows) to host the mirrored queues would it
then be ok/supported to have windows clients (NOT part of the cluster) to write to and read
from the queues?

If I wanted to try to do the windows resource manager implemtentation (assuming my boss would
allow it, and given that I have zero experience developing within Qpid), is there existing
documentation that makes it clear (from the Qpid point of view) what I need to add to the
code. If so, pointers to where to look would be helpful.

BTW, while the queues have to be HA/fault tolerant, I'm expecting that most of them DON'T
need the messages to be persistent because the messages also have a timeliness aspect to them.
So if all the hosting nodes go down at the same time, it may not make sense to be able to
recover the messages if it takes more than a few minutes for one of them to come back up.


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