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From Justin Ross <jr...@apache.org>
Subject Issue collectors
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 12:46:22 GMT
Right now, the experience for users attempting to raise a jira isn't
great.  The "create jira" link fails and asks you to sign up for an
account.  I'd like to consider dropping that requirement.

Jira offers "issue collectors" as a way to provide anonymous issue
reporting.  If you drill down to the "add issue collector" UI in our
instance, you get the following warnings:

    "Issues in this project can be viewed by anonymous users. Issue
collectors allow for issues to be created anonymously. This means your
JIRA instance could be abused by a spammer who can create issues that
are available publicly."

That's a good point.  I think it's worth trying, and we can disable it
if spam becomes a problem.  (And I wonder if there's a captcha
somewhere in there.)

    "If your JIRA instance is not accessible via the public internet
feel free to ignore this message. Otherwise it is recommended that you
update this project's permissions such that anonymous users are not
allowed to browse issues."

What do you think they mean by the "otherwise, disable anonymous
browsing" part?  Initially this didn't make sense to me.  Now I figure
this is meant for private orgs with a jira instance on the public
internet, which wouldn't apply to us.


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