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From Justin Ross <jr...@apache.org>
Subject Website update 4
Date Fri, 10 May 2013 16:39:17 GMT
Previous versions:
Head version, for following things as they change:
The source code and README:

Some bigger changes:

  - Added scripts to generate release notes
  - Added link to EAP 6 instructions in JCA page
  - Added QMF api doc
  - Add pdfs to book-generation scripts
  - Updated the messenger doc snapshot
  - Added messenger and protocol engine API doc in C, python, and java
  - Added messenger examples in many languages
  - Added make target and instructions for publishing content
  - Improved the developer center
  - Added 0.22 release content
  - Overhauled the scripts for generating release content
  - Added jms examples

To better show the proposed launch state, I've made 0.22 the current
release in the preview site.  As a result, some of the links won't
work because they point to things (such as a release tag) that don't
exist yet.

I'd like to hold a vote in about a week on replacing our current
website.  I'll have time for another update in the meantime, so please
let me know about any changes you'd like to see.  In particular, take
a pass through the component page for the parts of Qpid you are
familiar with.  I'd love to get some detailed corrections and


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