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From "Shatil, Arod" <asha...@ezesoft.com>
Subject Having difficulties building qpid on windows
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 13:58:24 GMT
Hi all.

I am trying to build qpid on windows.

VS version: 10 (visual studio 2010)
.Net version: 4
Boost: 1.53.0

I have 2 problems: the first is that when building qpid itself, 3 projects fail to build.
The 2nd problem is that I can't build the WCF example. I do not think these two problems are
related, though, of course, they may be.
Of the two, the 2nd one is more urgent for me at the moment, assuming that I can actually
live with the 3 missing projects for now.

========== Problem the 1st ============= Building qpid itself ("qpid-cpp.sln), everything
builds, except the following projects:

These 3 projects complains about "unresolved external symbol", as shown here:

Error   3       error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: __thiscall
boost::detail::win32::handle_manager::~handle_manager(void)" (__imp_??1handle_manager@win32@detail@boost@@QAE@XZ)
referenced in function "public: __thiscall boost::detail::basic_condition_variable::~basic_condition_variable(void)"
(??1basic_condition_variable@detail@boost@@QAE@XZ)   D:\qpid-orig\qpid-0.20\cpp\examples\old_api\failover\replaying_sender.obj

(same unresolved external for all three projects - it looks as if boost does not expose the
destructor for boost::detail::win32::handle_manager::~handle_manager)

========= problem the 2nd =============
When building the WCF project (QpidWcf.sln), the "Channel" project complains that interop.dll
does not have strong name:

Error   1       Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly 'Interop' does not have
a strong name Channel

I tried to sign the interop project manually (although it seem that it's supposed to get signed
by the build system), By running ildasm on the dll and then ilasm with the signature file,
but this failed.

Any advice regarding each of these failures will be greatly appreciated.


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