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From Oleksandr Rudyy <oru...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: how to set static binding (routingkeys) config for Java broker?
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 15:10:55 GMT
Hi Tom,

qpid-config does not work with java broker.

You can configure your queues/exchanges/bindings on java broker in
virtualhost.xml or create them with JMX client like jconsole, qpid
management console or rest management client like qpid web management

You need to configure a persistent message store (like Derby or BDB)
and declare your queues/exchanges as durable if you need them to
survive broker restart.

At the moment there is no common configuration utility supported by
both c++ and java brokers.

Kind Regards,

On 7 March 2013 14:26, Tom M <td.home21@gmail.com> wrote:
> We are attempting to set the configuration for our qpid broker in
> development of a production system.
> It appears that qpid-config  does not work for the Java broker.  Is this
> still correct?
> I see that we can set the config for the exchanges and queue in the
> virtualhosts.xml.
> But, I can not find any documentation or examples about setting the binding
> (routingkeys) in this config file.  Is it possible to config the bindings
> from this file?  If so, can you provide the syntax?
> I have found that setting static bindings for static Direct Exchange to
> static queue does work for the Java broker (and we have had success
> providing messaging this way with the Java broker).
>  We can staticly configure the bindings (as well as the exchange and
> queues) via the C++ client lib, using  session exchangeBind( ), from a
> static Direct Exchange and static queue.
> Also, can successfully set via Jconsole.
> But, we don't want to have to use these methods for our production system
> (we are attempting to get away from the C++ client lib, and then I don't
> even see this available for the messaging lib.)
> We would prefer to set our mission operational messaging elements via a
> config file (or config script or Java app) on broker start up.
> This is primarily driven by our HA requirements.  For HA, for these primary
> command and responses messages, we need our exchanges, queues and bindings
> to be static so that if any of the involved components goes down, we will
> not lose any messages.
> Also, we need to set bindings such that, in some cases, a single
> message into given exchange needs to route to multiple queues.  And, also,
> some queues need to be bound to multiple exchanges.
> A little broader question....
> If qpid-config does not work for the Java broker, is there some other a way
> to provide the config that will work for both the Java and C++ broker?
> We would like to have the flexibility to config with either.
> thanks,
> Tom Maggio

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