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From Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject Fwd: Website update
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 17:13:16 GMT
Re-0including users list, got dropped whenI  accidentally cleared the
recipients earlier :)

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From: Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemmell@gmail.com>
Date: 28 March 2013 17:01
Subject: Re: Website update
To: "dev@qpid.apache.org" <dev@qpid.apache.org>

First up, it is a vast improvement in many ways, well done.

Next, I'm afraid many comments and/or questions than I intended when I
started this last night :P

Can we see the source as well as the output?

What browers are we supporting, and have been tested? I gave it a load in
IE10, IE9, IE8 (where it presented itself as XML markup instead of
rendering the page...possibly something to look at given its apparently
still the most popular IE, accounting for about 1/4 of total traffic by
some measurements), FF18, FF10, and FF3 (dont ask...as expected it didnt
quite right but it was still very usable).

I'm not a huge fan of the menu a) being on the right and b) disappearing
once you leave the homepage. A persistent (top?) menu might be nice.
Related, the change from borderless front page to bordered content pages
everywhere else seems a little strange.

Echoing previous requests for a wider width, even if needs to be a toggle
option. At least some of the remaining 2/3rds width of my (main) monitor
would like to be used at times. In terms of smaller devices, it doesnt even
use all the width on my netbook or phone (in landscape admitedly).

There are still issues needing fixed relating to the project branding
requirements (http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/pmcs). Things like:
the first mention of Apache Qpid on every page needs to have a TM, the
homepage is supposed to have a one sentence description defining what the
Apache Qpid (rather than just Qpid) product is (suggesting maybe we need to
really sub-project everything if going for this component-based structure)
and i wouldnt say the message in the box quite covers the requirement, and
dont know if theyd agree the required links in the footer are really part
of our 'main' navigation (though they are at least on every page so maybe
they are the main navigation :p). Etc.

The 'ways to get Qpid' page (whcih got a lot harder to find last night)
mentions source releases, then links to the other pages that has source and
binary artifacts on it mixed in the same table. We should perhaps split the
source and binaries into their own sections, or just make it clearer on the
tables which type of artifact something is. I found it slightly confusing
that we have 'ways to get Qpid', 'download', and 'releases' pages, and
think we possibly need to combine them a bit.

Despite my last thought, I think we might want to have a seperate page for
the maven artifact information (which beceme a lot harder to find since
last night), as the broker and JCA adapter are or soon will be available
that way too in addition to the clients. This is an existing shortcoming of
the current website as much as anything though.

The Past Releases mentioned on the download page probably need to link to
the dist archive for anything past the imediately prior release, if not all
prior releases; most of the links dont work as the redirector script ttries
to point you at a mirror that no longer has the release. Infra dont want
more than the 'current release(s)'  being on the mirrors and do clear them
out sometimes, and since we dont maintain multiple version streams that
probably means we should only have a single release in there.

'AMQP Messenger' and 'AMQP Protocol Engine' seems a bit odd to me on the
front page and component page. We dont use those names on any of the other
pages (such as download). Did we decide Proton needs renamed, or are we
saying its really the [Qpid] Proton AMQP Messenger? It feels out of place
with the other component names using Qpid as the qualifier, and weird that
nothing is using Proton in the name at all.

The Qpid JMS page could be clearer that there isnt actually a single JMS
client that supports all the protocol versions but rather two that do so
between them. As a user reading that, im going to be dissapointed when i
get to the download page.

It would be useful (i.e I plan to) to make offline html copies of the
documentation, and we would want to make the documentation match the rest
of the site as Rob did previously, so I wonder if there really isn't a nice
font we can use that wont require internet access to display? Or can we
host that locally instead of hitting the google service?

I'd love it if we separate any further logo discussion out into a
differentthread . As the one who took on the world of pain to get even the
basic thing we have now, I'd rather decouple that task from this one.
Supposing we just use your first new effort (the TM could do with being a
little clearer) or even kept what we have for now, we can change it any
time and have any required huge mail thread worth of tweaking at that time

On 26 March 2013 14:05, Justin Ross <jross@apache.org> wrote:

>  Hi, everyone.  It's clearly been too long since my last update!
>   http://people.apache.org/~jross/transom/2013-03-26/
>   Previous version: http://people.apache.org/~jross/transom/2013-02-11/
> A complete list of changes follows.  To summarize:  The look and feel
> isn't changed much since last time.  There have, however, been
> important changes to  (1) expand content at the leaf nodes of the
> existing structure, (2) enhance the navigation, and (3) automate the
> generation of new release content.
> I've received some very helpful feedback.  Thanks indeed!  (Send
> more.)  For my next iteration, I plan to try something new: I'm going
> to promote "source modules" (Qpid Java, Qpid C++, Qpid Proton) more on
> the front page.  I'm sure this will spark a healthy debate about how
> things work at Qpid, and that's really the point.  I think it helps to
> see it presented as a newcomer would see it.
> Also, for fun, an alternate logo.  This one's probably better for a
> t-shirt:
> http://people.apache.org/~jross/transom/2013-03-26/images/logo-2-300-300.png
> Changes:
>   - Content
>     - Expanded the java broker feature list and added more links to docs
>     - Added more links to qpid jms docs
>     - Expanded the messaging api example matrix
>     - Added links to readmes and source locations to per-language
> example index files
>     - Added messaging api reference for dotnet
>     - Improved configuration of doxygen output
>     - Added news feed and list info links to the mailing lists page
>     - Added links to review board to the more resources page
>     - Added a note about release cadence to the releases page
>     - Added CI section in more resources
>   - Navigation
>     - Top page navigation is more compact (moving the content higher
> on the page) and fully hierarchical
>     - Navigation is no longer manual; it's generated from the site
> layout and plugged into the template
>     - The jira search link now focuses the search box when you link to it
>     - Added a proton-specific jira goto
>   - Internals
>     - Automated the process of adding new release content to the site
>     - The site code now does site-internal link checking
>   - Style
>     - Switched to the Roboto Condensed typeface for body text
>     - Rounded the corners of the Qpid intro box
> Thanks,
> Justin
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