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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Website update
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 16:00:43 GMT
On 03/26/2013 02:05 PM, Justin Ross wrote:
> For my next iteration, I plan to try something new: I'm going
> to promote "source modules" (Qpid Java, Qpid C++, Qpid Proton) more on
> the front page.

I don't think that is the view that we should be presenting to users. 
While it does match the release artefacts of course, I don't think that 
is necessarily the clearest logical structure and I think its the 
logical structure that the website should emphasise, mapping that as 
appropriate to JIRA, svn, source releases etc.

My interpretation of the current structure is as follows:

Qpid Proton
   - protocol engine
   - messenger
   - available in java or c, with python, ruby and perl wrappers

Other client libraries:

   Qpid JMS

   Qpid Messaging
     - c++
     - python
     - perl, ruby


   - c++ broker (available on windows and linux)
   - java broker
   - broker management tools

(I would pull management tools out of the 'broker' category when they 
can be used against other brokers or other things).

I would have these categories on the front page in some way (with more 
detail on each and indeed on each aspect or sub-component) available via 

I very much like the large box explaining the purpose of the project. I 
also like the items under the 'project' category on the current page.The 
'project' however is in my view distinct from the structure above, as it 
is overarching. I think I'd pull the blogs into this as well, also the 
users list as the project wide discussion forum.

Much of the other stuff on the right hand side of the page I would move 
off the front page. While I see the value of having some easy links, I 
think it is a little noisy and I think it could be more clearly done in 
the context of the different components.

So e.g. instead of having download links for Qpid 0.20, Proton 0.4 etc I 
would have have a single download link, and on the page that takes you 
to, break things out along the same lines as the structure above, with 
links to both the latest release, JIRA, any additional lists of interest 
etc. (We also need a documentation link on the front page.)

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