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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: is there a cmake uninstall target????
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:43:39 GMT

>> Also do you have any idea on the
>> "
>> [Broker] critical Unexpected error: Error in configuration file
>> /usr/local/etc/qpid/qpidd.conf: Bad argument:
>> |cluster-mechanism=DIGEST-MD5 ANONYMOUS|
>> "
>> I've been seeing when I try running qpidd in src? I guess that I could
>> comment the line out, but I'm curious as to why I should be seeing it.
>> Am I missing something or is it just a temporary glitch in trunk?
> I'm guessing it's either an outdated conf file, or it's complaining because the ha/cluster
plugin isn't loaded (which would have added the cluster-mechanism option to the valid set).
You could delete it (if it's old), and/or use -c on the command line, or set the requisite
environment variable (QPID_CONFIG???)_ to point to a more suitable file.
The ha.so library is present in qpid-trunk/qpid/cpp/bld/src so is there 
a reason why that wouldn't have loaded if I run ./qpidd in src?

My src dir has

acl.so                  libqmf.so                  Makefile
CMakeFiles              libqmf.so.1.0.0 managementgen.cmake
cmake_install.cmake     libqpidbroker.so           qmf
config.h                libqpidbroker.so.2.0.0     qmf2.pc
CTestTestfile.cmake     libqpidclient.so           qpid
ha.so                   libqpidclient.so.2.0.0     qpidd
libqmf2.so              libqpidcommon.so           qpid.pc
libqmf2.so.1.0.0        libqpidcommon.so.2.0.0     rubygen.cmake
libqmfconsole.so        libqpidmessaging.so        tests
libqmfconsole.so.2.0.0  libqpidmessaging.so.2.0.0  xml.so
libqmfengine.so         libqpidtypes.so
libqmfengine.so.1.1.0   libqpidtypes.so.1.0.0

Is there anything you can think of that's obviously missing? As I said 
previously make all appeared to work OK it looks like it's just the link 
error and the qpidd.conf thing that are messing with me.

I'll have a play with LD_LIBRARY_PATH  tomorrow, but I'm still not keen :->


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