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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject I've added QMF2 Support for the Java Broker via a ManagementPlugin
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 18:34:44 GMT
Hello all,
As an addition to the QMF2 and GUI work I've previously done I've now 
added QMF2 Support for the Java Broker via a ManagementPlugin.



Which is the place where I've been posting the QMF2 code to date. (it's 

I'll need to start looking at putting this in the main Qpid code base 
(probably under "extras") but a few people have been asking after this 
so I've kept things simple for now.

It's the first release so there are likely some wrinkles but both 
qpid-config and the QMF GUI now work with both the C++ and Java broker 
using this so it's a pretty good first step at aligning the management 
of the two brokers.

Best regards,

QMF2 & Qpid GUI Release 1.3

New Features:

* Implemented QMF2 support for the Java Broker via the ManagementFactory 
and ManagementPlugin interfaces with QMF
   Management Objects backed by the recent 
org.apache.qpid.server.model.* classes. Tested on Qpid 0.20 your mileage
   may vary on earlier version of the Java Broker.
* Fairly complete support for the main QMF management-schema.xml within 
the current constraints of the
   org.apache.qpid.server.model.* classes.
* Support for create/delete of exchange, queue, bindings.
* Works with recent (QMF2 based) qpid-config.
* Virtual Hosts are supported. In order to remain compatible with 
qpid-config I've adopted a convention
   [vhost:<vhost-name>/]<queue-name>, [vhost:<vhost-name>/]<exchange-name>
   in other words with the default Virtual Host the Virtual Host name is 
"hidden" but for other Virtual Hosts
   exchanges/queues are prefixed with "vhost:<vhost-name>/". So for example:
   qpid-config add queue vhost:development/test
   would add a queue called "test" to the Virtual Host called "development".
* QMF Events are created e.g. clientConnect, clientDisconnect, 
queueDeclare, queueDelete etc. though some properties
   aren't fully populated due to current limitations of 
org.apache.qpid.server.model.* classes.
* QMF2 GUI supports Java Broker though it could do with some tweaks to 
improve presentation for multiple Virtual Hosts.

* There are quite a few differences between the C++ and Java Brokers 
particularly with respect to Queues. It
   would be good to add extra features to the 
org.apache.qpid.server.model.* classes to bridge some of the gaps.
* The QMF GUI could do with allowing some of the extra features of the 
Java Broker so a bit of thought is going
   to be needed to present this in the most consistent manner.

Note that this is an initial release. It could definitely do with more 
soak testing so if you use this on an
operational Broker be aware of this. It's looking pretty good but I 
can't guarantee that there won't be quirks.

Look at README-java-Broker but in precis:

ant broker-plugin

N.B. this requires that the Qpid jars (preferably qpid-all.jar) are on 
your CLASSPATH and that the
QPID_HOME environment variable is set to point to <qpid>/java/build 
(QPID_HOME is needed by the Java
broker anyway).

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