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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: how to set static binding (routingkeys) config for Java broker?
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 10:04:02 GMT
Hi Tom,
Sorry, yeah it's pretty much there. I had intended to have something 
releasable last week but I got a little bogged down.

Unfortunately the QMF2 version of qpid-config kind of "mis-uses" QMF 
ObjectIds, they are supposed to be opaque, but I guess for convenience 
qpid-config made use of the fact that the C++ broker generates ObjectIds 
that have an _object_name part that maps to the actual "name" property 
whereas my underlying Agent code allocated ObjectIds that are a little 
more opaque. It wasn't a huge deal because I can actually override the 
default ObjectId creation, the problem was more figuring out what was 
happening :-) given that qpid-config uses exchangeRef and queueRef but 
has some slightly "iffy" (IMHO) code to pull out the target name rather 
than use the ObjectId.

In any case I'm "nearly" there. I'm tidying a few things up at the 
moment, for example it's a good idea to "order" the exchanges and queues 
returned because they may contain data from several different virtual hosts.

Also bear in mind that a few things are likely to be incomplete, the 
differences in Queue configuration is a lot more different between the 
C++ and Java brokers than I had realised, in particular the Java broker 
has no "ring" queue and it doesn't have a "size" either (it looks like 
its bounding is entirely realised by using the flow control). I'm trying 
to map as much as I can, but that stuff is still likely to remain a bit 
of a "work in progress" even after the first release.

If you could let me know ASAP what you are mainly interested in I could 
try and get as much as I can working.


On 16/03/13 00:41, Tom M wrote:
> Fraser,
> I was wondering if you have an update about the "QMF Management Plugin for
> the Java Broker" ?
> we will be interested in trying it with the Java broker when available.
> thanks,
> Tom

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