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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject C++ broker Broker::createObject question.
Date Sun, 10 Mar 2013 19:25:30 GMT
OK this is a bit of an "in the nettles" question but here goes.

I've been adding bindings using QMF for some time but there's a slightly 
weird quirk I've just noticed.

To date I've always added binding including a property

         properties.put("exchange-type", exchangeType);

Quite why I ended up doing that I can't quite recall 'cause it was so 
long ago that I started doing it, but I think that it was likely to be 
'cause I looked at Broker::createObject in Broker.cpp and came across 
the following:

     } else if (type == TYPE_BINDING) {
         BindingIdentifier binding(name);
         std::string exchangeType("topic");
         Variant::Map extensions;
         for (Variant::Map::const_iterator i = properties.begin(); i != 
properties.end(); ++i) {
             // extract durable, auto-delete and alternate-exchange 
             if (i->first == EXCHANGE_TYPE) exchangeType = 
             //treat everything else as extension properties
             else extensions[i->first] = i->second;
         framing::FieldTable arguments;
         qpid::amqp_0_10::translate(extensions, arguments);

         bind(binding.queue, binding.exchange, binding.key, arguments, 
userId, connectionId);


In particular the "if (i->first == EXCHANGE_TYPE)" where EXCHANGE_TYPE 
is "const std::string EXCHANGE_TYPE("exchange-type");"

So I think I looked at that and noted "exchange-type" had some 


That block of code hasn't changed between 0.12 and 0.20 and I've just 
noticed that the latest qpid-config doesn't send the "exchange-type" 
property. I then re-read the block of code and it looks very much like 
all that is "actually" happening is that the exchange-type property is 
being skipped, the exchangeType std::string instance being populated in 
the doesn't actually appear to be used anywhere in that particular 
block's scope??

would anyone be able to confirm that "exchange-type" has never 
*actually* needed to be set in a QMF create binding call? I probably 
ought to take it out of everywhere I do a create binding, but I don't 
want to accidentally break things for older instances of the broker if 
it was ever actually needed.

I guess this question is one for the gurus :-)


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