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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: how to set static binding (routingkeys) config for Java broker?
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2013 09:40:23 GMT
On 08/03/13 23:06, Tom M wrote:
> thanks for the additional explanation.
> Also, is there a schema or some other documentation that defines the valid
> parameters of the Java Broker   virtualhost.xml ?
> And, for that matter, also for the Java Broker  config.xml ?
> thanks,
> Tom
I'm afraid that I can't give you a specific answer to that question 
'cause I've only just started playing with the Java broker myself, but 
if you look at the AMQP Messaging Broker documentation off the trunk 
there's more info there than in the release version (though not 
necessarily about what you want above)


I've just had a skim through the java code base and I didn't notice a 
schema (and there isn't an xsd link in config.xml so my guess is that 
one doesn't exist).

A fairly rich seam I've been mining as I try yo get my QMF stuff working 
is ServerConfiguration.java which lives in:

that has lines like:

     public String getDefaultVirtualHost()
         return getStringValue("virtualhosts.default");

Which gives a pretty good indication of pseudo XPaths for where you 
might find various elements. There's also a 
VirtualHostConfiguration.java too which is the most likely thing to give 
you what you're looking for.


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