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From Steve Huston <shus...@riverace.com>
Subject RE: is there a cmake uninstall target????
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:26:08 GMT
Hi Fraser,

> > Probably not - note, though, that there are multiple ways that cmake can
> handle "install" - it can generate an RPM, for example, that would do
> uninstall nicely.
> It's a nice idea, but not much good on my Ubuntu box :-)

I haven't looked into it, but cmake could most likely be coerced to produce whatever you need.

> I *really* think that I should be able to get a clean install and uninstall using
> cmake before I'd properly deprecate automake - so do keep on with the
> magic incantations to help me say hello to cmake and goodbye to automake.

We'll need to rely on assistance from you to get Ubuntu running.

> I definitely don't think setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is an acceptable approach.

It's a pretty standard way of doing this sort of thing. If you end up needing this all the
time, you could probably do something like set it up in ld.conf

> Also do you have any idea on the
> "
> [Broker] critical Unexpected error: Error in configuration file
> /usr/local/etc/qpid/qpidd.conf: Bad argument:
> |cluster-mechanism=DIGEST-MD5 ANONYMOUS|
> "
> I've been seeing when I try running qpidd in src? I guess that I could
> comment the line out, but I'm curious as to why I should be seeing it.
> Am I missing something or is it just a temporary glitch in trunk?

I'm guessing it's either an outdated conf file, or it's complaining because the ha/cluster
plugin isn't loaded (which would have added the cluster-mechanism option to the valid set).
You could delete it (if it's old), and/or use -c on the command line, or set the requisite
environment variable (QPID_CONFIG???)_ to point to a more suitable file.


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