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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Some questions on 0.20 QMF Management Objects
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2013 17:17:40 GMT
Hello All,
I've been looking through the management-schema.xml for 0.20 and noticed 
a fair few new bits and bobs so I'd be interested in answers to the 
following question.

What's the intention behind the Memory Object? There seems to be quite a 
few properties described about low-level details of broker 
memory-management but I'm intrigued about why it has been exposed as a 
Management Object and how it's intended to be used.

There's been a lot of new additions to the Broker object which mostly 
look useful, but what's the intention of the get/set TimestampConfig? 
How would "timestamping received messages" be used?

I'm curious about the "query" method on the Broker object, what's the 
point of this? If I've interpreted the comments correctly it's 
suggesting that doing query with {"type": "queue", "name": "somequeue"} 
would return a result Map containing the map encoded QmfData for the 
queue named "somequeue".

If that's the case I'm really not at all clear what the point of it is, 
it seems rather redundant. Surely if one wants to get this information 
then doing a query for queue then finding they queue you want and doing 
subsequent queries using its ObjectId would serve exactly the same 
purpose?? To be fair with the query method you don't have to initially 
do a get for queues, but OTOH you do need to recover the broker Object 
to invoke the queue method on.

It may be that it's just about adding some choice, but is it so much 
more useful than the alternative? It seems that it may just be adding 
bloat and possibly confusion for limited benefit. Of course I may have 
missed something??

On the Queue object there's a new "filter" argument on "purge" and 
"reroute" (and on "queueMoveMessages" on Broker). Is there any 
documentation on how one would use the filter argument? It's clearly a 
Map, but I haven't noticed anything documented about how to populate the 
Map - am I going to have to consult the "one true source of 
documentation" AKA the source code :-) ????


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