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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: [QpidWebBasedGUI]: Login
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 20:23:01 GMT
Hey Bruno,
> I tested with Trac and it selects the username text if username doesn't
> exist. After that, I went to the code and it calls the equals method on
> null if the username doesn't exist. In Authenticator.java line 137
> replaced the if clause with
> if (_accountCache.getProperty(username) != null &&
> _accountCache.getProperty(username).equals(password))
> and it works fine.
Thanks for that, that's awesome.

kudos to you and shame to me for not checking for null :-[
I think that the issue Sergey has been seeing navigating from msgDepth 
is a null reference issue in the JavaScript, so I'm doubly ashamed at 
the moment :'(

I was planning on taking a look at it this weekend "to see if I'd done 
something stupid" - clearly I had indeed...

> Not yet besides qpid-route.
I'm planning on having a go with that when I get a bit of spare time, It 
ought to be pretty straightforward technically, I *think* that 
qpid-route uses QMF under the hood so the "business logic" should be 
simple, the hard bit is likely to be trying to make it friendly to use.

> In my local broker I have the default configuration, In my test broker I
> have a lot of (exotic) extras... :) and sometimes I can't connect, but I
> will make a new thread on this after I'm sure that it's not my problem.
:-) your "exotic extras" comment has me intrigued....
> Well, it didn't happen again, if it does, I'll tell you and send the
> logs.
That's good to know.

Thanks again for finding the Authenticator bug - I hope the "null 
pointer fairy" doesn't strike again - oh dear, I've just tempted fate :-D


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