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From Fraser Adams <fraser.ad...@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject Re: We've got an App for that .... Qpid Web Based GUI - and more - just released.
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2013 16:33:54 GMT
Hi Bruno,
Thanks for the logs. It's very weird.

I actually copied and pasted the info from the:

ConnectionHelper.createConnection() amqp://anonymous:anonymous@QpidJMS/vhost?brokerlist='tcp://'

i.e. the amqp://anon............

directly into the URL part of Add QMF Console Connection and for the 
anonymous-anonymous-auth-yes.txt case I definitely get "warning Failed 
to retrieve sasl username" from my broker.

I'm thinking we must have different sasl configurations. If I do "sudo 
sasldblistusers2" I get nothing back (I mostly mess around with --auth 
no when doing dev stuff). You don't happen to have explicitly added a 
user called anonymous do you??

As I say qpid-config works fine for me but I definitely get "warning 
Failed to retrieve sasl username" when I try


As a connection URL.

Exactly what and where SASL looks for things is Voodoo magic to me :-) I 
thought it revolved around the commands sasldblistusers2, saslpasswd2.

Hmm ages back when I did mess around with auth I can vaguely recall some 
weirdness I'm using Ubuntu and that doesn't have a /etc/sasl2/ directory 
but does have a /etc/sasldb2 file I might have to did back an remind 
myself what I did. I'm also currently running a 0.12 broker so some 
stuff might have changed. I *vaguely* recall some stuff about sasl_mechs.

I was planning on upgrading to 0.20 so when I've got a moment I'll do 
that and try to remember how the heck I got authentication working - 
last time I tried I had a bit of a config fight, I think that the 
default paths prefer Redhat/Fedora to Ubuntu...

On the other topic
> Usually qpid-tool takes some time to get all information too.
Now that's really interesting (AKA a slight relief....), trying 
something like qpid-queue-stats would be good too. Clearly what I'm 
doing and qpid-tool/qpid-queue-stats are more or less unrelated except 
of course that they are both using QMF, but the code base is totally 
separate - mine is Java JMS the others are python. If qpid-tool is 
taking some time to get all information that would at least "suggest" 
that there's something odd at your end (can you sense that's what I'm 
hoping :-)). A very heavily loaded/swapping broker or something odd 
network wise.

One thing I have noticed when I added a bunch of different connections 
is that sometimes when I select between them the reconnection isn't as 
reliable as I'd initially thought. It's only occasional, but sometimes 
the broker disconnected doesn't go away. If I click back and forward 
it'll generally connect and it seems OK at that point responding to real 
broker disconnects. It's intermittent and TBH I only noticed it when I 
added the connections with the copy'n'paste ConnectionURLs so it's going 
to be a pain getting to the bottom of it - I *hate* intermittent bugs :-)

The reconnection stuff is pretty complicated and subtle and switching 
the "active" connection between different URLs was one of the most 
recent bits I added. It ought to be unrelated to the things you're 
describing but it's something to watch out for. It's easy to work around 
though by clicking the previous connection and back again.


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