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From Gordon Sim <gordon.r....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: C++ clients unable to communicate with Java broker
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2012 06:32:04 GMT
On 10/31/2012 12:14 AM, Sean K wrote:
> Interestingly, the c++ client (specifically the helloworld) does not
> connect to the Java broker.
> I added this line to my .bash_profile
> export QPID_LOG_ENABLE=trace+:amqp_0_10
> and I turned up the logging on the java broker as Oleksandr Rudyy
> ("Alex") had suggested.
> There is no additional logging activity in the java broker console,
> nor is there any log files generated that I noticed.

Sorry, that was my stupidity! The log setting above only does the right 
thing on the broker. On the client, export QPID_LOG_ENABLE=trace+ would 
be sufficient. Apologies again for sending you on a wild goose chase there!

> When I run the c++ client helloworld on the, I only see this:
> [sean@fedora16 messaging]$ ./hello_world
> Failed to connect (reconnect disabled)
> I ran the spout and drain (c++ client) as Alex had suggested, and they
> worked with the java broker.   (interesting).
> [sean@fedora16 messaging]$ ./spout -c 1 -b guest/guest@localhost
> --connection-options {sasl-mechanism:PLAIN} queue
> [sean@fedora16 messaging]$ ./drain -c 1 -b guest/guest@localhost
> --connection-options {sasl-mechanism:PLAIN} queue
> Message(properties={spout-id:74c4541b-f57b-44ec-b229-9300b4c972c8:0,
> x-amqp-0-10.routing-key:queue}, content='')

I think the issue is the SASL mechanism chosen. If no details are 
specified (as in helloworld), then ANONYMOUS is being chosen which is 
not enabled by default on the java broker.

It would certainly be nice if the client actually logged something about 
this though, and it would appear it does not. With cyrus sasl 
integration, there is a message about no suitable mechanism being found 
but in the simple default impl there is no checking, it just takes 
whatever is configured.

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