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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [c++] AMQP 1.0 support: 0.20 milestones
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 21:14:39 GMT
I had to juggle the tasks in my previously published milestones a little 
(specifically work waiting for PROTON-9 was pushed back a bit).

My current plan is:

Oct 3rd:

* cyrus sasl integration
* SSL support for client

Oct 10th:

* make AMQP 1.0 (broker) connection, sessions and links visible through
* durable messaging; broker acknowledges only after async store
operation completes

Oct 17th (0.20 Alpha):

* support for address options in qpid::messaging (depends on PROTON-9)
* support for 'legacy filters' (i.e. pre 1.0 exchange matching) (also
depends on PROTON-9)
* structured content messages


Attached is a patch that adds full cyrus sasl integration for the broker 
and client over AMQP 1.0 (including SASL negotiated encryption layers).

I had hoped to have SSL also working on the client, and indeed am quite 
close, but still have some glitches to iron out.

Note also that this patch doesn't yet take account of the recent proton 
engine renaming... so you need to use a proton revision prior to r1392896

I hope to be able to send an updated patch out tomorrow with SSL working 
and updated for the rename.

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